About me

After studying physics i programmed prefessionally for about 10 years.

Then i moved to the country and started a new life.

Later i came back to coding semi professional, and even later (now), just for fun

PS: The picture is supposed to be fun: I rarely wear sun glasses and never smirk like that. Just a moment in India :-)


I met the love of my life 24.04.2004 and we got married 07.07.2007. Almost daily i am reminded how miraculous being loved and being able to love actually is. No wonder there are so many songs along the line "love is all you need".

Raisa is just about the most wonderful opposite of me, being a dance teacher, clown, dj and general force of life.


We bought an old school and remodelled it into a beautiful B&B called Villa Taika. The name means something like natural wonder, and mostly through Raisa's keen eye (who knew women actually have more color receptors), many enjoy it a small holiday to asia, without leaving the country. Off season we rent to coourses too.

Remodelling our home is what got me into (wood) building, and working with wood.


Having enjoyed woodworking as a hobby, i took up building part time after VillaTaika was done.

Soon after i met Dave from England who introduced me to Timber framing and we did that together for many years.

Now we have started a company to build houses that have a timber frame at it's core, and are very ecological.


I surprised myself by actually starting to enjoy coding, once i had got out of the office (not a happy place).

And having witnessed the rise and oh so sad fall of ruby, i am now doing something to restore developers faith in dynamic oo, namely writing a to binary compliler for ruby, called ruby-x

Before that i had learned rails and built a POS and online system for our ,now closed, shop. It's still there and still used -)


I have started to write, finally. Not that that will neccessary interest anyone else, but i want to give some shape to the stuff that is currently just floating around my head.

It has now been over thirty adult years, a good twenty after meeting my master, over 15 after finding the love of my life. The resulting experience is, i think, unique enough to be aired. But maybe more than that i want to polish it for myself. A work in progress in other words, that can be followed and commented on on medium.com/@rubydesign.

The end of silence (2020-09-01)