About me

After studying physics i programmed prefessionally for about 10 years.

Then i moved to the country and started a new life.

Later i came back to coding semi professional, and even later (now), just for fun

PS: The picture is supposed to be fun: I rarely wear sun glasses and never smirk like that. Just a moment in India :-)


I met the love of my life 24.04.2004 and we got married 07.07.2007.

We bought an old school and remodelled it into a beautiful B&B and course centre, which got me into building.


Having enjoyed woodworking as a hobby, i took up building part time after VillaTaika was done.

Soon after i met Dave from England who introduced me to Timber framing and we did that together for many years.

Now we have started a company to build houses that have a timber frame at it's core, and are very ecological.


I surprised myself by actually starting to enjoy coding, once i had got out of the office (not a happy place).

And having witnessed the rise and oh so sad fall of ruby, i am now doing something to restore developers faith in dynamic oo, namely writing a to binary compliler for ruby, called ruby-x

Before that i had learned rails and built a POS and online system for our ,now closed, shop. It's still there and still used -)